Christmas is one of the best holidays for us. And this year we spent Christmas here in the US. It was so interesting and funny. We got new experience because we celebrate this holiday differently in Ukraine. We got a lot of presents from Santa Claus here, but we have never got presents on this holiday in Ukraine.

Christmas eve

It was our first Christmas eve in USA. We were celebrating Christmas eve in our friends’ house but Zlata was celebrating with our friend Nathan. In addition, We saw different traditions in different families. One of them we really liked, and we want to introduce this tradition to my Ukrainian family. Each member of the family takes and lights up a candle and tells to the group one important thing for which they are grateful and then tell a wish for the upcoming year. When you are done, you pass the light to the person sitting next to you. We experienced this on Christmas Eve at Anna’s friends house after we all finished with our dinner. Thank you, Laura and Mike, for sharing this tradition with me.

Zlata’s sport

In my first semester at school, I tried sports like volleyball and badminton! Teamwork played a very important role in volleyball, it all depends on how much you participated and talked during the game. There were a lot of volleyball games, I really enjoyed it! Badminton was just super, the training sessions lasted two hours, but it was worth it!

Dima’s sport

Hi. I started swimming when I was 6 years old. Now, I’m fifteen, and I am still swimming. Swimming is not my hobby, it is my passion. I really enjoy this sport and I’m going to continue swimming. While in the USA I get great experience as a sportsman. I saw and tried more types of the swimming practices, and learned a lot about swimming. I have already had 2 swimming competition, and it was so good. I was excited, because I finally saw other types of the competition, and even participated in them.


A few days ago we were at the camp enterprise. We were really excited about it. We wanted to learn more about business and wevgot this opportunity. And we really learned a lot of new and important things about business. Our teams worked on a business project, listened to 5 different speakers. Also, we had some fun activities one night such as pizza party. We really enjoyed that time.


Hi it was our first Halloween . We had fun and a lot of candies. It was realy good experience. And a little about our coutumes Iryna is Princess Star , Dima is graduate, and Zlata is a fairy. Halloween is a really great holiday for kids, especially for us😄. Unfortunately, this holiday is not celebrated in Ukraine, but we have always dreamed of celebrating it. And we, being in the USA, finally saw what real Halloween is. We had a lot of fun, candy and wore different costumes. It was a really great time.


We had a party, we prepared a lot for this party basically preparation for a party is hard, but we had all the fun.The party went well, we communicated with the guests. People liked our food and we are very happy about it. We also talked to our parents.



We had a trip to Chicago last weekend. We saw a lot of interesting and new things. For example, We went a boat ride on the great Lake Michigan. It was very cool. We saw skyscrapers and went up to the 103rd floor for the first time at the Willis Tower. We were at an exhibition of paintings by a French artist – Monet Immersive Experience . We were very surprised and happy. Chicago is a beautiful city. Also we tried deep dish pizza. And we were at aquarium