We had a party, we prepared a lot for this party basically preparation for a party is hard, but we had all the fun.The party went well, we communicated with the guests. People liked our food and we are very happy about it. We also talked to our parents.  


We had a trip to Chicago last weekend. We saw a lot of interesting and new things. For example, We went a boat ride on the great Lake Michigan. It was very cool. We saw skyscrapers and went up to the 103rd floor for the first time at the Willis Tower. We were at anContinue reading “Chicago”

Our travel from home to Warsaw

The last photo with my family this year. I have already miss them. 12.08.22 I am in Lviv. 12.08.22 We are at a gas station 5 km from the border. 12.08.22 Line to the store and to the restroom. 12.08.22 We are near the customs from Ukraine. 13.08.22 Passed control from Ukraine. 13.08.22 We traveledContinue reading “Our travel from home to Warsaw”