Our trip from Warsaw to Minnesota

Our last meeting with mothers this year. 15.08.2022 Here we found the gate and are waiting for the plane. 15.08.2022 We are sitting on the plane. 15.08.2022 Already on an international flight, we met the pilot. 15.08.2022 Found our seats. 15.08.2022 We arrived to USA Minnepolis. 15.08.2022

Our travel from home to Warsaw

The last photo with my family this year. I have already miss them. 12.08.22 I am in Lviv. 12.08.22 We are at a gas station 5 km from the border. 12.08.22 Line to the store and to the restroom. 12.08.22 We are near the customs from Ukraine. 13.08.22 Passed control from Ukraine. 13.08.22 We traveledContinue reading “Our travel from home to Warsaw”