About Zlata

Hello! Zlata Bileha is 15 years old. She lives and study in (Odesa) Ukraine. She has a big and friendly family: her Mum, Dad, Brother, his fiancеe and her Grandma.

She also has wounderful pets: a dog Rosa and a cat Topa.

Her mom is a teacher, PhD, associate professor and a cosmetologist.

Her brother is graduating from OGASA Unsversity. He is a talented artist and architect. Her father is a manager of the car center “Volkswagen House”

She enjoys outdoor activities and live an active lifestyle. Three years in a row She went to the Edelweiss in the Carpathian and every time She spent there to unforgettable weeks.

They had tree-day hikes in the mountais, sang our campfire songs in the evening, had pottery classes, walkedac slackline, passed obstacles in a rope park and did many other challenging things.

“It was very difficut tj part with the children in camp, because we spent a lot of time together , played, had fun and became real frsends. I think that in a summer camp you really enjoy life, change your worldviews, develop will-power and build up your character.”

Hole her live she prefers an active rest, because she adores pleasant tiredness and process and doing this sport . Therefore she has chose n volleyball and badminton there two her favorite kinds of sports.

She enjoys playing badminton and go info volleyball. She prefers playing team sports, because She is inspired by her team atmosphere and encouragement of her team-mates.

“In volleyball one player will never decide the fate of match. This is very emotional game, you worry about the team, about the resut, you are afraid of etting down the team members and the coach.”

“Badminton impoves my reaction and reflexes. I love this dynamic game, with fast movements, quick decisions and different tricks with a shuttlecock and a racket.”

“When I was five years old, I went to the Children’s Theater School ( CTS ) and spent there 8 fruitful years. I had drama skills scenic speech, singing, painting and other activities that helped me to cope with my fear of public speaking to become more self-confident, diligent and purposeful. I got the following awards and diplomas.”

“Drawing still remains my favorite hobby which helps me express myself and relax.”
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