About Dima

Hello! His name is Dima . He is fifteen. He lives in Lutsk, in western Ukraine.

His family includes : mother Svetlana, father Sergey, and younger sister Katya.

He also has a cat

He has many friends, but some of them have gone abroad to escape the war.

” This war is devastating. It has changed my live. It’s very hard even when you’re just reading the news.”

Every dar he's scared because they have air raid alerts every day

This year he completed 9 classes. Since March he has an online school, but the lessons are not very effective.

Apart from school , he enjoys sports such as soccer and swimming. He has been swimming for 8 years. Before the war , he participated in competitions and received many awards.

Swimmsing is not his hobby, it’s his passion. But with the war, he had to stop swimming because the pool was closed and it was not safe to go outside. He feels left out because he devoted so many years to this sport.

Now he has a chance to avoid war. He wants to learn and swim where it’s safe. He always dreamed of one day studying in the Unitet States. There he wants to get school experience and learn about the American way of life.

Thank you

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