Our reaction

Hello, I’m Ira. I was very shocked, because this is my childhood dream, and now it will come true. I am very grateful to Anna for organizing everything, I can’t imagine how hard it is. But she was able to collect all the documents and we managed to improve our English. Very soon we will be there and very happy. I would like to thank Anna again for this opportunity. thanks for your help. I am glad that the tickets have already been bought, that soon we will leave. But at the same time, I feel sad about my family and fear that they won’t understand me or that I won’t be able to find the word I need.This is my first long trip without my parents. But I’m very glad. Hooray!!! I was waiting for this for a very long time as soon as I found out from that moment I was afraid that Anna might abandon us, but she kept her word and we will be there soon.

Hi, I’m Dima. I have been preparing for studying in Minnesota for more than a month. I passed the test to have the chance to studying in International School of Minnesota, Anna help me to prepare a lot of papers. On Monday evening, I was told that my application for studying in Minnesota was finally approved . I am very happy because it was really difficult to achieve it. Thanks to Anna, all papers were checked and our efforts were not in vain. I am very happy with this news and I want to thank all the people who helped to organize it.

Hi, I’m Zlata .When I heard about the news that there was an opportunity to fly to the States, I did not believe it, because it takes a lot of effort and in wartime, it is not so easy to go abroad. But all these experiences, efforts, were not in vain! And I’m incredibly happy about it! I thank Anna and everyone involved from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful opportunity to study at an American school, improve my skills in foreign languages.
For me, it all seemed unrealistic, until the end I thought that everything might not work out or something would go wrong, but after each stage on the way to our common goal, the clouds dispersed and more and more hope appeared.
There were also concerns about skills and abilities. When we took the test, I was very nervous, will I be able to pass? Will there be enough knowledge? Will my English representative of a private school, Patricia, understand.
Then there were doubts about the flight to America. Will people be able to help us get to the US? Is there a sponsor who can pay such a huge amount for tickets?!
Then I was very worried about our sorceresses – Anna and Svetlana. Will our Anya be frightened and refuse us? Since it was necessary to bypass a lot of instances, organizations, collect a thousand documents and certificates, hire lawyers.
And when we were told the final answer that we were flying, I was in seventh heaven, it was my childhood dream! I so wanted to see the culture of this country, to find out how people live in America, what their mentality is, how they communicate, how life goes there in general. What can I say and wish everyone – dream, dreams come true! Hooray!

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